Analytical Survey of Medical Practices in America

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About the survey

The survey is a comprehensive 3-year study of data from medical practices in America.  The purpose of the survey is to identify key operational factors that allow some practices to be successful while others struggle.

Top innovators in revenue cycle  and medical consulting have collaborated to create this survey.

Your participation in this survey will help pave the way to the creation of a guide for better financial performance and delivery of higher levels of patient care and patient satisfaction.  You will receive free updates over time as the survey grows more significant and relevant.

Ultimately, the results of the survey will be published and shared with the healthcare community through medical publications and educational resources.

This survey is being hosted by Obsurvus Solutions Group Inc, a US company providing consulting and support services to medical practices across America. 

Key Data focus


A look at how practices manage their staffing. This includes purchased services and outsourcing.

Practice Facilities

Where do practices provide services? Are there multiple locations? Do they own or lease?


From paper charts to EMR systems. Fax or scan? Internet, phone, and cloud vs. server are all explored.


Front office, back office, and clinical workflow is reviewed. Outsourcing vs. in-house for your practice?


How is your practice addressing compliance issues? Do you utilize compliance tools?

Patient Satisfaction

Are you retaining patients? Are they happy? How do you communicate? Do patients use your portal?


Most frequent questions and answers

All data in this survey will be seen by the survey team only.  Anonymous data will be compiled and made available via a published report which participants will receive for free.  We will not ask for any information that would compromise your identity or private information.  You data will only be used for analytical purposes and will be kept anonymous.  Your personal information will never be seen, shared, or sold.

There are very few guidance tools that help to identify and correct basic workflow and patient satisfaction issues.  Your participation in this survey will help us to create useful tools to identify and solve problems in many areas that can have a tremendous impact on the performance of the practice.

We are in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the survey with a “beta-testing” group of physicians across America.  We want to ensure the survey is asking the right questions and providing the right answers.  Want to participate as a beta-tester to help us get this right?  Send us an email message below!

This survey is being hosted by Obsurvus Solutions Group Inc, a US company providing consulting and support services to medical practices across America. Here is a link to the website:

About the survey creators

Tim Warren

Tim Warren is the President and CEO of Obsurvus Solutions, a company providing consulting and support services to medical practices nationwide.  He has been a featured speaker at state medical conferences in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Georgia and developed training programs for practices across the country.  Tim has  expertise in data gathering, analysis, and reporting for the healthcare industry.

Greg Thrash

Greg Thrash, is a Certified Medical Revenue Manager , and the owner of Innovations in Medical Revenue – a company specializing in partnering with independent physicians making them operate more profitably. His Austin based company is an affiliate of the Medical Revenue Managers Association of America which is the nation’s largest network of medical billing and revenue management professionals who have 25 years’ experience in partnering and serving private physicians. Greg is graduate of the Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

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