Training Services

Flexible Training Services to suit the way you work


Online training is our most popular option.  Online provides you with cost-effective and flexible training that suits your schedule and your budget.


Nothing can replace in-person training with a skilled instructor for your staff.  This is highly recommended if you are doing a complete implementation.  Live training will give your project a jump-start and you can schedule it along with your Go-Live date.

What to expect from Online Training

Online training is the most flexible option for training your staff.  You can schedule to suit your busy schedule.  You can even schedule outside normal business hours and weekends.

If you want a simple “lunch-n-learn” or a formal week-long event, we will accommodate so your staff will be prepared for success.

What to expect from On-site Training

All on-site training is done exclusively by senior trainers.  If you are doing a complete implementation, we recommend the live, on-site training for the maximum impact.  You’ll jump-start your staff to effectively use your new software platform.  

Budgeting for your training is easy because travel, lodging, and other expenses are included in our rate, so there are no hidden costs to you.