Medical Support Services

Services for clients who require assistance beyond consulting and training.

Our support services offer a number of common medical accounts receivable functions. 

In addition to patient statement processing, we offer a call center for patient billing inquiries plus customized reporting and dashboard creation. 

All of our services revolve around our extensive expertise in the NextGen® Office software platform. 

Patient Call Center

Calls from patients with questions about statement balances increase as plan deductibles rise and benefits change.  

Our call center agents are trained to review payer EOBs and deliver simple, straightforward explanations of plan benefits and patient responsibilities. 



Patient Statements

Patients tend to pay more promptly when statements are received soon after an appointment.  We deliver timely, accurate statements quickly to ensure fast patient payments. 

We utilize the USPS change of address database to guarantee deliverability of statements and provide transparent reporting for undeliverable statements. 

Optionally, we can apply unapplied items and process write-offs as directed to reduce the risk of sending inaccurate statements.

Collections Services


Managing the transition of patient accounts from A/R at the practice level to 3rd party collections is a highly regulated process.  Our service includes the processing, review, and reporting of patient accounts receivable.  

Our proprietary process of account analysis will keep patient A/R manageable, and makes the process of transferring accounts to 3rd party collections a snap.  

Whether you already have a 3rd party collector relationship or you would like to explore your options, we have you covered.  We have very close business relationships with multiple collectors and will happily provide you with a referral to a trusted partner.

Reporting & Analytics


Clear, transparent reporting is essential to managing any business.  If you are not getting timely, easy-to-read information from your EHR and Practice Management System,  it is difficult to make the best choices for your practice and your patients.

We can create custom reporting and analytics that are automated, accurate, and easy to understand.  Let us provide you with the clear picture of your business you’ve always needed.